Is It Normal For A Bathroom To Smell So Bad? Find the Source of the Smell

A number of people just assume that because this is a place for you to relieve your bodily wastes, it is normal for it not to smell so great. What you have to remember is that your bathroom is also the room you go to in the morning to shower and get cleaned up before you start your day. Is it normal for your daily grooming routine to take place in a room that smells like an outhouse?

That putrid odor coming from your bathroom isn't normal. In fact, it is a sign that one (or several) things are wrong with your bathroom. If you find them, fix them, and that awful smell will go away.

Problem #1: The Pipes are Clogged

One of the biggest causes for a smelly bathroom is clogged pipes. Over time, the pipes in your bathroom will become clogged with old human skin, hair, soap, dirt, body oil, and anything else you use while taking a shower or using the sink.

Fortunately, this is a problem you can resolve on your own. Start by physically removing any human hair from the drains in your bathroom and throwing it away. Next, you will need vinegar and/or baking soda to mix with water and pour down the drain. You may have to pour the solution down the drain several times to get rid of the smell.

It is important to be careful if you decide to go to the store and purchase a drain cleaner. Vinegar and baking soda are natural and less harsh on your plumbing system. Some store bought drain cleaners contain chemicals that cause damage to your pipes.

Problem #2: The Pipes are Cracked

If any pipes in your bathroom are cracked, it can cause the dirty water that goes down to the drain to seep out through the cracks and soak into the floors and walls. This will require a plumber to come into your home and replace any of the damaged pipes with new ones.

You also need to determine how long the pipes have been cracked and leaking. If they have been seeping dirty water into your walls and floors for a while, you may need water damage repair services to fix the walls and floors as well.

Once you determine what is causing your bathroom to smell so bad and get it fixed, things will get much easier and more pleasant for you. The only thing you will have left to worry about is keeping the bathroom clean.