Four Plumbing Upgrades That Can Help You Cut Your Utility Costs

If you want to reduce your utility bills, you may be considering many improvements to your home. Some of the things that you may want to consider can include updating your mechanical systems, such as HVAC and electrical. You can also do improvements to plumbing to help reduce your utility bills. These improvements can include things as simple as insulating pipes or adding grey water irrigation. Here are some plumbing upgrades that can help you reduce your utility costs:

1. Insulating Hot Water Lines To Reduce Heat Loss And Save Energy

Insulating the water lines in your home can help protect against freezing and burst pipes. It can also be used to help improve energy efficiency. In addition to insulating the exterior lines, you may want to insulate all the hot water lines in your home. This can help to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency.

2. Adding Water Collection And Recycling For Outdoor Or Non-Potable Uses

Water collection can be another great way to reduce water consumption. You may want to consider rain collection for clean water outdoors. In addition to rain collection, grey water from appliances can also be reused for non-potable uses. The grey water can be used for things like outdoor chores or watering your lawn.

3. Installing Low-Flow Fixtures To Reduce Water Usage And Energy Loss

Low-flow faucets and plumbing fixtures can also help to make your home more energy efficient. These can reduce the amount of water used and help add to your savings. The new fixtures can be added, as well as other things like toilets and shower heads.

4. Adding Solar Collectors To Reduce Energy Consumption Of Conventional Mechanicals

Solar collection can also be used to improve the energy efficiency of mechanical systems in your home. A solar collector can provide thermal energy for furnaces and hot water heaters to help reduce energy consumption. There are also many choices of solar collectors to find one that fits your budget. This can be a more affordable solar energy solution than things like PV panels for producing electricity. This is a simple plumbing upgrade to add renewable energy to your home.

These are some improvements that can be done to your plumbing to help reduce your utility costs. If you are ready to start updating the plumbing in your home, contact a plumbing contractor and talk with them about offering plumbing services for your home.