2 Tricks To Eliminate Kitchen Sink Odors

If you have horrible smells coming from your kitchen drains, you are in good company. Many homeowners don't understand how to keep bad odors from their drains and garbage disposal. Professional drain cleaning at least on a regular basis can help remove gunk in the drains and effectively reduce the foul smells coming from the kitchen.

However, there are many other remedies you can use to keep your kitchen smelling fresh on a low budget. Here is a look at two effective remedies so you hopefully don't have to resort to air fresheners to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Deodorize your drains

Using scented dish soap while doing the dishes can help keep your drains and kitchen fresh. You can also use white vinegar which is an excellent and inexpensive natural deodorizer for your drains. Just pour a bit of the vinegar into the sink and keep flashing hot water down the sink until the drain smell dissipates. For better results, remember to clean the sink with baking soda and hot water before deodorizing so as to remove stuck food and oil deposits from the sink.

Dropping a commercial disposal deodorizer in your garbage disposal every once in a while can also help prevent foul smells from filling your kitchen. You can also use lemon or orange peels as natural deodorants for your disposal, though you should avoid using too much, as excessive acid could corrode your pipes.

Keep food and other debris out

Food particles that find their way into your sink can produce horrible smells in your drains. Be sure to scrape off as much food as possible from dirty dishes into a trashcan before placing them in the sink. This will help minimize the amount of gunk that ends up in the drains.

Using a well-fitting stopper while doing the dishes can also help keep food bits out of your sink. Any food debris left in the sink can then be scooped out to prevent it from getting stuck in the drains. You should then flush hot water down the sink regularly to dislodge food particles and grease that may have squeezed into the drains.

When using your garbage disposal, always make sure to run it for a several seconds with the water on before you start washing the dishes. You should also avoid dumping used coffee grounds into the disposal and instead dry them on a few layers of paper towels before disposing of them in the trash.

If you still have issues with a smelly sink, you might need to contact a plumber for some professional help. Visit a site like http://www.countrysidepro.com for more details.