Should You DIY Your Plumbing?

Everyone wants to save a buck whenever possible, but sometimes DIY efforts backfire. This negative effect is particularly pronounced when you try and repair your home's plumbing yourself.  Although there are certain basic tasks that you can safely do, you need to know your limitations, lest you make the problem much worse. In many instances, calling the plumber is a better choice.


Plunging is a perfectly reasonable action to take for basic clogs. When solids back up the drain, using a plunger can often quickly and efficiently clear the problem. However, if you accidentally flush a contact case or a toy down the toilet, plunging can often make the issue worse. In fact, you can end up pushing the toy into the waste line, which will mean some expensive repairs. When an object gets lodged in the toilet, call a plumber. They will likely have to remove the stool in order to clean out the trap.


A plumbing snake seems like a good idea, but in the hands of an amateur, it can be disastrous. You are really asking for trouble if your home has older pipes. You can easily cause them damage, including punching through the sides. In addition, you can scratch your toilet bowl, a less-serious, but still annoying consequence. When you face that difficult of a clog, you really need the help of an experienced professional. Call a plumber for drain cleaning.

Frozen Pipes

If you live in an area that turns frigid in the winter, you have possibly had your pipes freeze once or twice. If so, you have probably already struggled to thaw them out yourself. However, using your blow dryer to solve the problem can be a serious mistake. Your pipes could easily crack or break, leading to a damaging flood in your home. Rather than take the chance, you should contact your plumber when the pipes freeze up. Having professional advice and service can better resolve the problem.

In a quest to save money, do not take on plumbing tasks that you are not equipped to handle. The temptation to do-it-yourself in order to save time and money can be a strong one, but in reality, many plumbing issues can be made worse by your ineptitude. Your pipes will be in better hands if you call your plumber for expert help. In the long run, you will probably save more money and waste less time.