What You Should Know About Choosing Home Water Filtration Equipment

Because you and your family drink the water coming out of the faucets in your home, it is important to be sure that the liquid you're drinking is safe and free from bacteria and other harmful substances. Here are some things you'll need to know so that you can choose a home filtration system that is appropriate for your particular water supply.

Current Quality of Your Water

In order to find out which kind of filtration your house requires, you have to learn more about the water that is flowing into your kitchens and bathrooms. This is not difficult, as there are many avenues to explore. Your first stop might be the Environmental Protection Agency, which has water information for many cities and towns. Your water company or local utility authority might be able to tell you more, particularly because they test the water throughout the year.

It is also possible to buy a testing kit at your local hardware store. The kit can be used quickly and usually provides results for nitrates, lead and other materials.

Problems That Need to Be Resolved

If there are indeed bacteria and other dangerous contaminants that must be removed from your water before it is completely safe to drink, a reverse osmosis system might be best for your home. With this kind of system, contaminants are blocked from entering the faucets because of a membrane; only water is able to pass through. You should notice that your water is better tasting when all the contaminants are not able to get through. Reverse osmosis systems are usually attached to the pipes below the sinks inside your house.

Even if there are no immediately dangerous materials in your water supply, your water might still need to be filtered due to strange smells and mineral buildup. In cases like this, carbon filters may be able to help. Minerals such as chlorine are bound to the carbon inside the filters and do not pass through into your drinking water. The filters are usually installed right inside faucets. The important thing to remember with these systems is that they must be replaced every so often to prevent bacteria growth.

With this information, you can be better equipped to deal with the decisions you must make about which home filtration system you'll need to go with. Talk with water purification and filtration contractors so you can select the best system for your family.

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