Patch A Leaky Pipe Underneath Your Kitchen Sink

A small leak in a pipe underneath your kitchen sink can pose a threat to the flooring in your home and increase you water bill. If you are unable to have the pipe replaced immediately, patch it with the following steps. As a result, you can use your kitchen sink until you are able to hire a plumber to fix the plumbing problem.


  1. towel
  2. rubber gloves
  3. waterproof putty
  4. bowl of water
  5. roll of plumbing adhesive
  6. scissors
  7. electric heater or hairdryer

Dry The Pipe's Surface And Apply Waterproof Putty

Turn off the water supply at the main valve. Use a towel to dry the surface of the pipe that is damaged and any part of the flooring that is wet. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and knead a small amount of waterproof putty through your hands until it is soft and flexible. Flatten the putty until it is evenly distributed and wide and long enough to cover the portion of the pipe that is leaking. Place the putty directly against the pipe and press it down firmly until it adheres. Wait for the putty to harden, which may take a few hours. 

Secure Plumbing Adhesive Over The Putty

Place a roll of waterproof plumbing adhesive into a bowl of water. Push the adhesive so that it is underwater for a couple minutes. Remove the adhesive and squeeze it gently to remove excess water. Peel the end of the tape away from the roll and press it against one end of the section of pipe that is covered with waterproof putty. Unroll the adhesive and continue wrapping it tightly around the waterproof putty until it is covered.

Press the adhesive firmly against the putty with your fingertips. Use scissors to trim any excess adhesive. Wait for the adhesive to dry. If you would like to speed up the process, place an electric heater a few feet away from the pipe. A hairdryer that is adjusted to a high setting can also be moved back and forth over the adhesive to help it dry quickly.

Test Out The Repair And Hire A Plumber

Turn on the water supply and the kitchen sink's faucet. If you no longer see water dripping out of the pipe that is damaged, the temporary repair was successful. Hire a plumber in the near future to have the plumbing inspected and a new pipe installed if it is needed.