Hiring The Right Plumber For The Right Job: Three Types Of Plumbers And The Work They Do

If you are looking for information on a plumber and you have never hired a plumber before, you might be surprised at what you can learn. There are three subtypes of professional plumbers who attend to their specialties in the same way that doctors do. The three types and the work they do are as follows.

Residential Plumbers

Residential plumbers tend to the plumbing needs of houses, old and newly constructed. Some residential plumbers also tend to the needs of apartment dwellers. If you need any help with toilets, sinks and showers, or installing the plumbing in your new home, a residential plumber expertly handles these tasks. However, if you have a building with multi-story plumbing similar to that which exists in low rent, high rise apartments, then you need a commercial plumber instead.

Commercial Plumbers

Commercial plumbers handle plumbing repairs and installation inside massive commercial properties. That skyscraper downtown and the plumbing projects for the city in which you dwell are the kinds of work handled best by a commercial plumber. Commercial plumbers have additional training and experience that addresses some of the more unique issues with plumbing on business and retail properties, as well as repairs, pipe replacements and sewer pipe cleanings and flushings for the city's sewer lines. If you own a major corporation or business building that is numerous stories high and has multiple plumbing problems throughout the building, a commercial plumber is what you need.

Industrial Plumbers

Finally, the last specialty plumber you should know about is an industrial plumber. An industrial plumber is one who sets up and installs all the tanks, pipe leads and plumbing for an industrial and/or manufacturing plant. Because these types of plumbing projects require highly specialized plumbing and tanks to hold onto dangerous chemicals and transport them through various pipelines in the factory, an industrial plumber is trained to know how to install this kind of plumbing.

He or she also knows how to install and repair this equipment very carefully so that he or she does not come into contact with anything that could seriously injure him or her or prove fatal. In addition to these intense job requirements, an industrial plumber installs and monitors many different types of gauges that monitor pressure, temperature, fluid control, gas control and acceleration of fluid or gas in a pipeline. If the job you need a plumber for involves any of these tasks, then you need an industrial plumber and not a commercial or residential one.

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