Is It Time To Have Your Home Repiped?

One of the most overlooked components in a house is the piping system. When you turn your faucet on, you expect the water to flow through. You rarely consider the condition of your pipes. While long-lasting, pipes do have an expiration date. Fortunately, there are a number of signs that can offer an indication that it might be time to have your home repiped.

Loud Noise

When water is running through the pipes in your home, it really shouldn't be something you're aware of. Some people overlook this as simple house noise, but it shouldn't be ignored. If your pipes make a knocking or creaking noise when water is running, this is often an indication that it might be time to repipe. This problem can often be attributed to old, sagging pipes that are banging into each when water is flowing through them.

Water Leak

A water leak is one of the most obvious signs that you need to repipe your home. Over time, the water's pH and oxygen levels, the temperature of the water and its makeup can cause pipes to corrode, which ultimately leads to a water leak. If you are noticing water leaking from your pipes and your pipes are very old, it's likely to time to upgrade. The primary concern with leaks is that they often start off small, but, when ignored, they can grow larger and costlier.

Discolored Water

If the water coming out of your pipes has started to take on a color, such as a reddish-orange, this is another indication that repiping is a necessary repair upgrade. Discolored water is often an indication of rust buildup inside the pipe. Even if you aren't drinking the water, failure to address the problem will only lead to greater issues. Discoloration is often accompanied by a foul smell.

Poor Water Pressure

If the water pressure in your home has decreased without reason, your old pipes could be to blame. As previously mentioned, rust can collect in your pipes. After a while, the rust will eventually break off and get stuck in the valves and aerators at the end of the pipes. This in turn limits the amount of water that is able to pass through, leading to your pressure issues.

If you suspect it's time to have your home repiped, contact a plumber. A plumber will inspect the condition of your pipes and quickly make any necessary upgrades to prevent any further problems.

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