Changes To Make To Your Kitchen And Bathroom For Maximum Comfort

If you are going to be remodeling your home, then you want to create a functional kitchen and bathroom that will both be safe and comfortable. Also, if someone in your home has any type of mobility issues, then this should also be taken into consideration during the remodeling process. Learn about some of the additions you may want to have added to your kitchen and bathroom to create the best space possible.

Additions for your kitchen

Have the microwave attached to the wall

If your microwave currently sits on the counter, consider having it bracketed to a wall above the counter. By putting the microwave up, you will be able to create much more counter space that can be better served as a place for you to prepare food.

Install a double basin sink

Having only one sink basin in the kitchen makes it a bit more difficult to wash dishes and take care of other kitchen chores. By installing a sink that has two basins, you will give yourself an extra basin to work with.

Put a faucet with a hose in

By putting a faucet in that you can pull out and use, you can make it easier to do certain things in the sink. For example, if you are going to wash your hair in the sink, it's going to be a lot easier to do it when you can pull the faucet out of the base and use it in your hand. It can also make it easier to clean very large pots and pans.

Additions for your bathroom

Install a toilet/bidet combo

Installing a toilet that also has a bidet feature will allow you to fully clean without the use for toilet paper. Not only will this help you to get cleaner, but it also cuts down on your household expenses. If you have a septic tank, it will also prevent it from getting fuller faster by having all of that toilet paper waste added to the system.

Replace an old water heater

If you have an outdated water heater, or one that's too small to properly heat all the water in your home, then consider getting a new one. This way, all of the members in your household will be able to enjoy showers and baths that don't get cold when you are in the middle of them.

Making these improvements will help you to get full enjoyment out of your home. Contact a business, such as AA Plumbing, for more information.