Different Problems Causing Your Toilet To Leak

When your toilet is leaking water the problem can result in a subtle increase in your water bill or it is very noticeable. For this reason, you need to know the different problems that can affect your toilet so you can repair it in a timely manner.

Leaking Flapper

One source of leaking toilet water that you may not notice is with the flapper that sits at the base of the tank. The flapper is a rubber piece that holds and releases the water when you flush.

Unfortunately, when this part is damaged, it allows water to leak from the tank and into the bowl. This problem is also known as a running toilet due to the fact that as the water level drops the tank will refill itself, even though it was not flushed.

When dealing with a running toilet, the main problem occurs when the rubber shrinks or cracks due to age. As the rubber wears down, it will not keep an airtight seal, thus wasting water.

Luckily, this problem does not mean you need to replace the tank or any large piece. Instead, you need to remove and replace the flapper to stop your toilet from leaking water any further.

Leaking Tank

In some cases, you are dealing with a water leak that is very noticeable. For example, when it leaks from the bottom of your tank, you may see it dripping or pooling onto the floor of your bathroom. In this situation, you need to inspect each side of the tank thoroughly to find the problem.

One cause of a leaking tank comes from the water line loosening. The water line is connected with a plastic ring that can loosen over time, which allows a small amount of water to leak out. If this occurs, you can usually tighten the ring to fix the problem.

Other issues with the tank, which are more serious, can be the cause of the water leak as well. A crack in the tank is one, while rusted bolts that hold the tank to the bowl are another. When dealing with a cracked tank, your only option is to replace it. Rusted bolts on the other hand, need to be inspected by a plumber to determine if the only the bolts need replacing or if you need to replace the tank.

Whether your toilet is leaking water onto the floor or it is running on its own, you need to find and repair the problem. By being proactive, you can reduce the amount of water you need to pay for and you can repair the problem quickly.

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