Own A Garbage Disposal? Know The Foods To Avoid Putting In It

Many homeowners like having a garbage disposal in their kitchen because it makes cleaning up a breeze. Unfortunately, you cannot put all food waste down the drain if you have one. Some foods can end up causing clogs, damage your plumbing, cause a foul odor that won't go away, and potentially damage your garbage disposal. Avoid putting the following things in your garbage disposal and it should remain problem free.

Onion Skins

The onion itself is not a huge problem to put in the disposal, but the skin of the onion is. The skin is what can get stuck along the canister sides or the blades. Trying to use the disposal with something impeding the rotation of the blade will cause stress on the motor and cause it to break prematurely. When peeling an onion, make sure that the skins make their way to the trash instead of down the drain.

Egg Shells

The problem with egg shells is that they do not easily break down once they are in a drain. Shells don't dissolve easily like other organic waste, which causes even small pieces to get stuck in your plumbing. If your home uses a septic tank system instead of the city sewers, egg shells could be responsible for causing clogs within the tank as well. Keep the shells away from the drain, even if it is not nearly as convenient.

Rice and Pasta

Rice and pasta cause two types of problems with a garbage disposal. The first problem is that the food itself is very sticky, and will get stuck around the blade and the canister once it gets inside it. The second problem is that these foods expand when they get wet. They will contribute to trap other types of food that would normally have no problem going into a garbage disposal, which creates a bigger clog

Coffee Grounds

A misconception about coffee grounds is that they help remove any odor that is in a garbage disposal. This is not true, since all you are smelling is the coffee grounds masking the odor temporarily. The coffee grounds can also clump and cause clogs, which will make odors even worse. Stick to using citrus peels from lemons or oranges to get rid of odors.

When you do run into a problem where the garbage disposal is not working due to putting the wrong foods inside it, you'll need to contact a local plumber to fix it for you. If the entire unit needs to be replaced, they can handle that for you as well. To learn more, speak with someone like Midwestern Plumbing Service.