Grease and Your Drains

Grease. The word sounds slimy, but you probably love greasy foods like french fries, fried chicken, and bacon. You definitely shouldn't be eating many greasy foods, but you also shouldn't be putting grease down your drain. If you do, you may have a serious clog problem.


When the grease on your stove top congeals, you know how hard it is to completely remove it. Even if you get most of it off with a rag, you have to scrub to get up the greasy residue. Imagine what pouring that grease into your drain does. It coats the sides of your pipes until the pipes eventually become clogged. You may think that running hot water down the drain after the grease will solve the problem, but it will not. The hot water may keep the grease from congealing for a while, but eventually the grease will cool down and cling to the pipes farther down the line. Once you get a huge grease clog, you will probably need professional help to clear out your plumbing. The bill for such a service can be significant.


Pouring grease down your pipes affects more than your own home's plumbing. Some of the grease will make its way out of your home and into the sewer pipes. The grease will mix with chemicals in sewage and could create some nasty blockages. Experts say that these clogs are responsible for approximately 47% of the nearly 36,000 sewer overflows that occur each year. These overflows are disgusting, but more importantly, they can cause health issues.


The biggest reason people pour grease down the drain is simple convenience. No one really wants to touch the grease or wait for it to congeal. You can simply pour the grease into your waste can, but you should double bag your trash if you are going to use this procedure. You can also pour your grease into an empty tin can. Wait until the can is full and the grease is hard before tossing it in your trash.

Grease not only clogs up your body, it also clogs up your home's plumbing and possibly your city's. Do not take the easy way out and pour grease down your drain. Eventually this practice will come back to haunt you through clogs and plumbing bills. Get as much grease as possible off your dishes before you wash them, as well. Less grease in the system is better for everyone. Find an emergency plumber for grease blockage problems at a website like