3 Plumbing Solutions To Enhance Water Quality In Your Home

Water quality is still a major issue for many Americans, although they have access to safe and clean drinking water. At times homeowners may experience certain quality-related issues, such as water with a bad taste or particles. Nevertheless, there are numerous plumbing improvements that you can undertake to enhance water quality. Check some of them below and consider using them in your house.

Testing your well

If you get your water from a private well, it is crucial to have it tested regularly. You can get DIY test kits from a local hardware store. The two types of water well testing available in the industry are bacteriological and chemical testing. Chemical testing will help you ascertain that your water has the right amount of naturally occurring chemicals. Bacteriological testing will determine the bacteria present in the water as a result of contamination. It is recommended that you carry out bacteriological testing at least two times per year to eliminate chances of contamination. 

Installing a filter

Whether your water comes from a well or the municipal supply, installing a filter will help greatly in enhancing its taste and quality. You will be spoiled for a choice with the latest modern innovations that include filters installed directly into your plumbing system or in- faucet ones. In-faucet filters are screwed into the existing faucets. You can fill your glass directly from this faucet without worrying about the presence of contaminants. Another option is using reverse osmosis filters that are installed directly into your plumbing system by a licensed plumber. These filters are equipped with carbon filters that eliminate contaminants from your water. Remember to have your filters checked regularly by an experienced plumber to ensure they are working well.

Installing a softener

Hard water is major issue in most parts in United States. The problem is that this water stains household appliances, such as sinks, taps and bathtubs. Adding a softener to this water eliminates this problem and also minimizes your energy bills as soft water heats faster.  Hard water contains several minerals and metals that are deposited on valves and pipes, leading to premature wear. This will result in regular repairs due the clogging of plumbing appliances. You can eliminate all these challenges by hiring a qualified plumber to install a suitable softener from the many options available in the market.

Whether you live in the rural or urban area, enhancing the quality of water that your family consumes is important. Consider working with an experienced plumber, like Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Service, to guide you in executing the solutions discussed above.