Plumbing And Mobility Problems

If you have someone in your household who has problems getting around the house as well as they used to, then it's time for you to make the necessary changes to keep them safe and allow them to continue to enjoy as much independence as possible. Some of the changes you should make around the house include making sure the bathroom is a safer and more comfortable place for them to spend time in, since the bathroom tends to be one of the most dangerous rooms in a house. This is partially due to such things as wet floors and hard to navigate tubs, toilets, etc. This article will help you to understand which changes you should make in your bathroom first.

Prevent slipping

The first thing you should do is make sure that they aren't going to have an increased chance of slipping and getting injured by a wet floor. The best way for you to do this is to turn the normally slippery floor into a slip resistant one by applying a coat of non-slip texture to it.

This material comes in a can and you will apply it by pouring it on the floor and mopping it around, so it is distributed evenly. Allow it to dry before walking on it. When it dries it will dry clear, and this means your floor will look the same but will have a rough texture to prevent slips and falls.

Correcting issues with difficult toileting

It can be hard for a person to get on and off of a regular toilet if the height of that toilet is too short for them. You can correct this problem by installing a taller toilet, known as a comfort height toilet. Also, having a padded seat put on that toilet can help to make it more comfortable to sit on.

Have a walk in tub installed

A walk in tub can be a great option for anyone who has a hard time bathing, due to the low level of the tub, the comfortable seat, the non-slip surface of the seat and the bottom of the tub and the door to walk through. There is also space for grab bars they can use to move themselves safely around.

Making some, or even all, of the above changes to a bathroom in your house can really help to make it better for a person with mobility issues or chronic pain who lives in your home. For more information and assistance with installing a new toilet or walk in tub, talk with a local plumbing contractor, such as those at Belfair Plumbing & Drain Service.