Five Good Reasons To Rent Portable Toilets For Your Next Outdoor Event

Outdoor weddings, fund-raising events, and picnics can be lovely, accommodate a large number of people and help keep your indoor facilities from being vandalized or dirtied and trampled by a crowd. However, one of the drawbacks of most outdoor sites is the lack of bathroom facilities. One good way to solve this issue is to rent portable toilets (from an outlet like Walters Portable Toilets) for your event. Today's portable facilities are much more hygienic and pleasant to use than portable toilets of even a decade ago and are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. You can even rent a hand-washing station. There are also handicapped-accessible portable toilet units.

Today's portable toilets range from single units to mobile trailers that have multiple stalls as well as sinks, similar to a permanent bathroom facility. Handwashing stations are free-standing and are connected to a hose or large water cistern with soap, hand sanitizer and paper towels. 

Advantages to renting portable toilets for your outdoor event

1. Your guests will stay longer. Without adequate restroom facilities, your guests will often leave the event early to seek out a restroom. When you rent portable toilets, the party can last all day (or all night.)

2. Your indoor facilities will stay clean. Most indoor facilities are inadequate for a large crowd. By choosing to rent portable toilets, your indoor restrooms will stay clean.

3. They are easy to rent. Renting portable toilets for your event is easy. You simply order the number of units you desire and the company will deliver them, set them up before the event and then cart them away (and dispose of the waste) the day after the event. Many companies even have online ordering capabilities, so you can make these arrangements for your event 24/7.

4. They are kind to the environment. Renting portable toilets for your event can save an enormous amount of water from toilet flushes. Many companies also use recyclable paper products in their portable units.

5. They are convenient for your guests. Portable toilets are easy for your guests to use. They don't have to wait in a long line or hike long distances (in high heels) to get to a restroom.

While renting portable toilets might not be the answer for everyone planning an outdoor event, these units help your party be more enjoyable for your guests, help your indoor bathroom facilities to stay clean and are even kind to the environment.