How To Proceed After You Drop Your Ring Down The Sink

 Seeing your ring disappear down the bathroom sink can be one of the most panic-inducing feelings you can experience. Whether it slipped off while your hands were soapy or it was sitting next to the sink and inadvertently got knocked over the edge, it's important that you act quickly to retrieve it. If you're not confident with implementing the following tips, it's a good idea to call a licensed plumber right away. This expert can often retrieve the ring for you, provided that it hasn't been washed away completely. Otherwise, tackle the problem yourself using this approach.

Deal With The Water Quickly

The first thing to always do upon dropping your ring down the sink is turn the tap off. Allowing the water to continue to run will likely carry your ring far away from the kitchen sink and risk losing it for good. By immediately stopping the flow of water, you're increasing your chance of successfully retrieving the ring. If the sink is full of water, turn off the tap and also put the plug in place to prevent the water from draining. Make sure to also alert your family members of the situation, as you don't want someone unknowingly using the sink while you're off gathering tools or calling a plumber.

Gather The Necessary Supplies

To have a chance at retrieving your ring and preventing a major leak, you'll need the right supplies. First, get a shallow bucket or pan and a heavy towel. Clear out anything you have stored under the sink, place the towel under the U-shaped section of pipe and set the bucket on the towel. Tackling this job will involve spilling some water, but with these supplies in place, you won't risk damaging your cabinet or the floor.

Remove The Plug On The Pipe

When you look at the U-shaped section of pipe, you'll commonly see a screw-in plug at the bottom of the "U." This is an access point that can be carefully removed with your adjustable wrench. Place the wrench on the plug and start to unscrew it by turning it. If you're able to remove the plug, a significant amount of water will drain into your bucket or pan, and hopefully you'll see your ring. If your pipe doesn't have this plug, it's still possible to retrieve your ring if it's sitting at the bottom of the "U" section. However, doing so will involve removing the entire U-shaped apparatus, which is something best left to a professional plumber. Contact a business, such as Crown Plumbing INC, for more information.