Sump Pumps Do's And Dont's

Now that you own a home, people keep telling you that you need one thing after another. The expenses add up quickly, and you may be tempted to do without some items. If someone tells you that your basement needs a sump pump, you certainly need to listen. Investing in a sump pump can protect your home from a variety of problems as long as you use it properly.


If you live in an area that floods frequently, you need a sump pump more than most homeowners. Water can pour into your basement and ruin the flooring and damage the walls. The correct size sump pump can keep up with the water that flows into a pit and remove it to the outdoors through a pipe. Remember that the size of a sump pump is no indication of its power: the horsepower of the pump is what is important. The standard horsepower or a sump pump is .33, but if you have a severe flooding problem, you may need a .5 horsepower model. Experts say that if you still experience flooding problems with that much power, your sump pit may be to blame. Do not assume that continued flooding problems are the fault of your pump, and consult a plumber if issues continue.

Sewer Lines

You may not like the idea of directing your flood water outside of your home and prefer to direct the water into your sewer lines. Before you make this connection, you need to check with your municipality's ordinances. Most areas will not allow you to empty your sump pump into the sewer lines because it can put too great of a strain on the treatment facilities, causing sewage to back up into homes or be released only partially treated into the ground water. Also, you will actually be taking more of your fair share of the water and sewer services that your city offers. After all, you generally only pay for the water you use and not the water you discharge.

A sump pump is invaluable in keeping your basement from flooding or from excessive dampness. In addition to protecting your flooring and walls, your basement is less likely to develop harmful mold and mildew that can cause respiratory problems for you and your family. When you invest in a pump, make sure you get one with enough power and hook it up so that it does not harm the sewer lines. To learn more, visit a website like