2 Reasons To Hire A Plumber To Assist With Clogged Drains

One of the most common and frustrating plumbing issues that you can deal with as a homeowner is a drain that drains slowly or that does not drain at all. This issue can quickly lead to sinks and bathtubs that have standing water that can smell quite foul and render them essentially useless until the drain is repaired. Listed below are two reasons to utilize a plumber to assist with clogged drains.

Tree Roots

The most difficult type of clog to deal with is one that actually occurs outside of your home in the sewage line connecting your home to the municipal sewer system. The reason that this type of clog is so difficult to clear is that you typically cannot clear it out from within the home, you will need to dig up the pipe and deal with whatever is clogging it directly. 

One of the most damaging clog types that you can experience with your sewer line is actually a result of tree roots. Tree roots will typically grown toward any sources of nutrients, which your sewer line will have in abundance. Once the tree roots find the pipe, they can often begin growing into the pipe itself and filling it with enough roots to completely stop the flow. 

In that situation, a plumber, like Mildren Plumbing Inc, is going to be the best person you can call as he or she will be able to pull out the pipes and remove the roots. This will typically consist of either using an augur to clear the tree roots and patching the holes in the pipe or cutting out the pipe alongside the tree roots and putting in a new pipe.

Deep Clogs

Another clog that you will want a plumber to help you deal with is a deep clog. A deep clog is something that has been caught or stuck deep within the pipes connecting to your drain. The issue with these deep clogs is that they can often be so deep within your twisting and turning pipe network that you simply cannot use a tool to pull it out or even see the clog in the first place.

In that situation, the only real solution is to pull apart the plumbing until the clog can easily be reached, especially if the clog is made out of material that is resistant to drain cleaners, such as synthetic materials or metal. Since this task can be quite time-consuming and complicated, it is essential that you leave it to a professional so that you can rest assured that the clog is dealt with and that the pipes are put back together correctly and without damage. 

Contact a plumber today in order to discuss your options if you are experiencing severely clogged drains that store-bought cleaners are unable to clear. A plumber is an essential part of dealing with complicated and difficult obstructions to deal with, such as those caused by tree roots and deeply-placed clogs.