How To Replace The Ball In A Delta Single-Handle To Stop It From Leaking

A leaking faucet will not only cost you extra money when the water bill comes, but it can also drive you crazy listening to the dripping sounds. Fixing a leaky faucet is something the average homeowner can do by themselves to save a little money. If you have a Delta single-handle faucet that is constantly leaking, here is how you can fix it by replacing the ball inside it.

Shut off Water

There are two shut-off valves under the sink. One is for the hot water and one is for the cold water. Turn both valves clockwise to turn off the water.

Remove Handle

Lift the handle on the faucet up so it is in the "on" position. On the underside of the handle is a little red and blue cover over a hole. Pop the cover off with a small flathead screwdriver. Inside the hole is a set screw. Remove the set screw and place it in a bowl for safe keeping. Lift the handle up off the faucet and set it aside.

Remove Ball

There is a stainless steel cap under the handle that covers the internal parts of the faucet. Remove the cap with a large crescent wrench. Do not use pliers as they can easily scratch the stainless steel surface of the cap. Take the cap off and set it next to the handle.

You will next need to remove the rubber ball cover (called a cam) that covers the ball. The ball has holes in it to direct the flow of hot and cold water as you move the faucet handle around. Pry the edges of the cover up with the screwdriver to remove it. 

Clean Ball Seat

Mineral buildup from hard water is a common reason for the water to leak around the ball and out your faucet. The hard minerals scratch and wear down the surface of the ball. Look inside the faucet to check for mineral deposits where the ball goes. You need to scrap those deposits away before you put in the new ball. The best thing to use is the tip of your small screwdriver.

Install Ball

The ball goes into the faucet with the stem facing up. There is a groove on the side of the ball. This groove fits over a notch on the inside of the faucet to make sure the ball is placed in the proper position.

Place the cover back over the ball and screw the stainless cap back on. Set the handle back onto the faucet and put in the set screw. Turn the water back on underneath the sink. The leak should be fixed now.