Maintenance You Need For Your Outdoor AC Compressor Unit

Did you know that your central air conditioning system has two main parts? You can find one part in your house in your utility room, and you can find the other part outside. Both parts of your system require routine maintenance, but many people forget to maintain the exterior part of their system. If you don't keep up with the work it needs, it could experience problems, though. Here are several steps you should take to maintain your outdoor part of your home's central AC system.

Make Sure It's on Solid Ground

The part of your AC system that is outside is the compressor. This part of your system helps extract the heat from the air in your home, and it lets it escape outside. You can easily spot this component by looking near your home for a square, metal box. You should check the ground that it's on each year to make sure the ground is solid. If your compressor sits on the grass, you may want to consider pouring a concrete pad to place it on. If it's on a concrete pad, make sure the pad is not sinking. The device needs to be on level ground.

Keep Foliage Trimmed Near the Component

Next, you should trim the foliage that is near the component. Because this box is outside, plants and shrubs may grow near it. If this is the case, you will need to trim these plants and shrubs each year. Plants should not be touching the device. It needs room around it to expel the heat it extracts from the air. If plants are touching it, you must trim them to ensure that nothing is touching the device.

Clean It Out Regularly

The other part of AC maintenance you must complete each year is cleaning the compressor. Again, this part is outside, which means it is subject to elements from the outdoors. Leaves, dirt, and debris can get inside this box. When this happens, it can interfere with the operations of the device. You must clean this each year to ensure that it is free of debris. If you do this, it will last longer and will work more efficiently. Most compressors have a removable top to make cleaning them easier.

If you cannot complete these tasks yourself, you can hire a plumber or HVAC company to handle them for you. Call a contractor today to schedule an appointment for air conditioning maintenance services.