Signs Of Bathtub Drain Problems

Most people don't think about their bathtub drain unless there is a problem. The following guide can help you understand common drain issues so you can catch minor problems before they become a disaster.

Slow Drains

A slow draining bathtub is frustrating. No one likes standing ankle deep in tepid water while showering, and it's also harder to clean the tub and prevent soil rings. A slow drain can also indicate the early stages of a clog. Many things can lead to a clog. Razor covers and shampoo caps that find their way into the drain, as well as hair and soap scum. Using a drain cover or hair catcher can minimize clogging, but it may not solve the problem completely. A plumber can use a drain snake to remove the clog and then help you find a drain cover or hair-catcher device that will further prevent future clogs from occurring.

Stopper Leaks

Many bathtubs come with an integrated stopper which you can operate with a lever or by twisting it down and into place. If your stopper stops sealing, then water will leak from the tub when you are trying to bathe. This can be quite frustrating. Often, the cause is hair and soap scum buildup inside the drain that prevents the stopper from being pushed down completely. Many integrated stoppers have a hair catcher attached. If you remove the stopper from the drain, you can clean the stopper so that it operates correctly again. In other cases, the problem is with the stopper itself, so you will need to have it replaced with a new one that seals properly.

Water Damage

Leaks can occur around the drain or in the drain pipe itself. When this happens, water doesn't flow safely into the main sewer pipe. Instead, it leaks out beneath the tub and into the flooring or the ceiling below. If you notice a water spot or bubbling paint on the ceiling below a bathroom, then you may have a drain leak. Mildew and soft floorboards around the tub in the bathroom are other signs of a leak. If the leak isn't repaired, the water damage will worsen and rot will begin. Eventually, the weight of the tub could cause it to fall through the floor. For these reasons, a prompt repair of a suspected drain leak is a must.

If you suspect issues with your bathtub drain, contact a plumping repair contractor at a company like Easy Rooter Plumbing immediately.