How To Avoid Three Common Summer-Related Issues With Your Plumbing System

Summer is all fun and games until you have a plumbing-related disaster that ruins it all. Sure, the weather has finally gotten nice enough for you to enjoy the outdoors, but that doesn't mean that your plumbing system is going to go without issues so that you have a worry-free summer. However, if you know what types of issues tend to be most common during the summer and how to avoid them, you may have more of a chance to enjoy your summer without any plumbing issues. Keep reading to learn more about what you should look for.

Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal

Because it is so hot during the summer, a lot of people enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables. While these are healthy and delicious, fresh fruits and vegetables tend to be fibrous and relatively challenging for your household garbage disposal to properly digest. This is true even for smaller fruits like strawberries. Regardless of size, small fruits and veggies will build up quicker than you can imagine, resulting in the disposal backing up and leaving your kitchen sink filling over with dirty water and decomposing food. Ultimately, the best thing for you to do to keep this from occurring is to throw your leftover food in the garbage can.

Backed-up Sewer

While rainstorms tend to put a damper on some of your summer plans, they are always nice to give you a break from the scorching heat. However, if the rain is heavy enough, it can result in backed-up sewer lines, which is never good! When there is already excess stress on your plumbing system, putting the pipes at a risk of clogs, and with the rain, the chances of a backup occurring increases significantly. If your home runs on a septic tank, you will want to ensure that you are having a professional regularly clean the tank. If your home runs on a municipal system, you will want to ensure that a plumber is taking care of any clogs throughout the home, such as in the sink, bathtub, or toilet. In doing so, you will help reduce the risk of a sewer backup in the home when heavy rainfall comes through.

Faulty Water Heater

Despite the fact that it may be 100 degrees outside, nothing beats a long, hot bath when you need to relax. However, when you take gallons of water to fill up your bathtub for this bath along with the water that is being used for the additional loads of dishes and laundry that is being done throughout the summertime, the water heater is going to wear out sooner rather than later. This stress on the water heater and plumbing in general is going to result in gradual wear and tear, particularly if it is already starting to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance over the years. Make sure that you have a professional inspect your water heater at the beginning of the summer to avoid having to take cold showers.

If you have any questions or need plumbing repairs, contact a plumber like in your area.