Warning Signs You Might Need To Call A Sewer Cleaning Service

Every homeowner knows that their plumbing and sewage system requires regular maintenance and care in order to remain in good condition. But sometimes despite your best efforts, something can go wrong. You might even have a situation where the pipes inside your house are fine, but there's a problem with the sewer line outside that is causing an issue. Here are some of the potential scenarios that might indicate that you are in dire need of help from a local sewer cleaning company.

Water Reappearing After It Goes Down a Drain

When you flush the toilet or water goes down any other drain in your home, it will navigate the pipes within your house and then exit into the sewer line. But what happens if your wastewater hits a blockage in the sewer line? In most cases, it will come back towards the house and enter at the lowest point of entry it can find. This might sometimes explain why you have a backup in your bathtub after flushing the toilet, for example.

A Smell That Won't Go Away

When a sewer blockage occurs, the wastewater won't be able to completely drain. Some of it might get by, but the blockage could be keeping solids in the water from making it through. Over time, this wastewater will begin to smell, and the smell could make its way back up towards your drains. If you smell sewage coming out of a drain and a basic drain cleaner doesn't get rid of the problem, the issue is likely in the sewage line itself and it will need to be cleaned out.

A Slow Drain That You Can't Fix With Drain Cleaner or Home Remedies

You also have an obvious sewage problem if you have a slow drain in your home that you can't get to act normal again with basic remedies. If a drain cleaner off the shelf from your local home improvement store doesn't work and you've already tried dumping boiling hot water or baking soda and vinegar into the drain, you are likely in need of professional help.

A Regular Sewer Cleaning Appointment Prevents Problems

If you are experiencing any of the problems above, contact a local company that offers sewer cleaning services for assistance. But for best results, have the sewer company come back out to your home a couple times per year to flush the sewage line and make sure everything is cleaned out